Following the recent ‘virtual’ External Quality Assurance visit by the awarding body ProQual, KABSEC Training has been successful in being awarded ‘Direct Claim Status’.

Before the status was awarded, KABSEC Training was required to demonstrate they had established internal quality assurance systems and had suitable staff in place for each qualification. All our ‘Centre status’ policies and processeswere reviewed and checked along with the sampling ofcandidate’s portfolios for the Level 3 Award in Introduction to Crime Prevention. Later within the EQAs written report, hedescribed the portfolios as being detailed, easy to navigate and written to a good standard.

‘Direct Claims’ status now allows KABSEC Training to claimqualification certification immediately after the candidate completes their portfolio, without waiting for approval by the awarding body ProQual. Not only does this endorsement confirm KABSEC Trainings professionalism and integrity it negates timely administration and affords the candidates to be qualified as quickly as possible.

The EQA visit also gave the opportunity to discuss both our new online and distance learning with him which he approved and validated as the way forward during the COVID-19pandemic.

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