Introduction to Crime Prevention Course

ProQual Level 3 Award

The Level 3 Award in Introduction to Crime Prevention is aimed at crime prevention, crime reduction, community safety practitioners, or equivalent.

Topics that candidates will look at include:

  • Statutory responsibilities of partner agencies to work together to reduce incidents of crime and disorder
  • Tools and techniques used to help reduce or prevent crime and anti-social behaviour
  • Security products available to home owners to help deter criminals and prevent crime
  • Carrying out a basic site security survey

By completing this learning the delegate will be able to:

  • Understand the role of prevention in addressing risk, loss, crime and disorder
  • Apply problem solving tools and techniques
  • Identify security products available to home and small business owners to help deter criminal behaviour and prevent crime
  • Carry out a basic site security survey
  • Provide information and advice to minimise risk and loss

Suitable for:

Staff who have the responsibility for preventing and reducing crime and disorder in local communities. This is also suitable for any organisation who want to reduce risk and loss and improve the overall security of their business such as retail, security and event staff and managers
Examples of potential course candidates are:

Organisations & Business:
Police Service, Neighbourhood Policing Teams, Armed Forces, Local Authority Councils, Community Safety Partnerships, Community Organisations, Housing Associations, Shopping Centres, Arenas, Private Security Companies

Members of Staff:
Police Officers, Police Community Support Officers, Designing Out Crime Officers, Neighborhood Wardens, Social Workers , Domestic Violence Workers, Architects, Military Police Officers, Crime Prevention Officers


1. Workplace delivery – 3 days classroom based learning. (This can be flexible to meet the needs of the learners / business.)

2. Distance Learning Option (Please contact us for more details)

Assessment Assignment post delivery to be submitted within 3 months.

Learning Outcome – The learner will:

Assessment Criterion – The learner can:

1 – Understand the role of crime prevention in the community

1.1 – Identify how crime occurs and its impact on victims, witnesses and the vulnerable

1.2 – Describe the role and responsibilities of the crime prevention/crime reduction/community safety/security

1.3 – Demonstrate knowledge of health & safety, equality & diversity and ethics relevant to working in crime
prevention/crime reduction/community safety and security role

1.4 – Outline ways in which the relevant legislation relates to crime prevention work being undertaken and the impact on that work

1.5 – Identify and demonstrate a range of methods and processes in problem solving that may prevent and reduce the opportunities for crime and anti-social

1.6 – Outline ways in which good crime prevention practices can play an effective role in countering terrorism

2 – Understand the use of security products in crime prevention

2.1 – Explain how security products conforming to relevant British and European standards can be used to underpin best practice in situational crime prevention

2.2 – Identify and demonstrate how a range of security products used to improve physical security in the built environment

3 – Know how to conduct a site security survey

3.1 – Identify suitable tools for use when conducting a site security survey

3.2 – Plan and implement an effective site security survey

3.3 – Identify appropriate recommendations regarding the site to significantly reduce and prevent opportunities for crime and anti-social behaviour

3.4 – Identify instances where relevant legislation underpins the work of the crime prevention practitioner

3.5 – Provide appropriate crime prevention advice to individuals who are affected or potentially affected by crime

ProQual Qualification Specifications

To view Qualification Specifications from ProQual website in PDF format

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