Would you like to understand more about the link between the built environment and the occurrence of crime and anti-social behaviour?

You may work in a role which requires you to consider reducing or preventing crime as part of your everyday business.

KABSEC Training is a proponent of the new standard for CrIme Prevention Through Environmental Design, ISO 22341 issued by the International Organisation for Standardisation of Security and Resilience in January this year this document has reviewed and updated the  CPTED principles.

All our trainers and assessors have been fully briefed on the new standard and the new principles written into our training qualifications and training courses, ensuring our delegates receive the most relevant and contemporary information as part of our training delivery.

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED), also known as Design Out Crime, is based on the fundamental idea that the proper design and management of the physical environment can deter crime in a specific area. It is based on a range of CPTED principles.

Originally formulated by criminologists over 50 years ago, CPTED built on the work of academics to create principles that are still as relevant today as they were then. The implementation of these strategies can be from the very grand such as architectural designs to the basic crime prevention survey which may identify simple cost effective recommendations to design out crime. 

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