SABRE (Security Assurance by BRE) is a security assessment and certification standard for buildings, infrastructure and managed space. SABRE can be used by developers, owners, occupiers and planning authorities to set high standards of security risk management for the design and construction of new developments, and the operation of existing facilities.

Successful assessments result in a SABRE Rating ranging from ‘Acceptable’ (1 star) to ‘Outstanding’ (5 stars). Certification can be used to demonstrate your commitment to security, evidence value for money, attract security-minded tenants, and much more.

Our sister company, KABSEC Consultancy is a SABRE Licensed Company (ref: SLC-023) and our SABRE Registered Assessor can support clients at all stages of a development’s lifecycle, including:

Design Stage assessment
Shell & Core assessment
As built assessment
In-use assessment

Our SABRE Registered Assessor (only 1 of 30 nationally) has vast experience in the field of security risk management and working on a range of development types. We will help you set a target SABRE Rating and work with all members of the client’s team to help ensure that target is adhered to. We provide a tailored service at all applicable stages of building lifecycle and will be an invaluable member of the team.

SABRE certification also results in the award of an Innovation Credit for new construction projects working towards BREEAM UK New Construction 2018 approval.

Contact us at to see how we can assist you in discussing SABRE certification for your facility.

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