The Level 2 Award in Problem Solving for Practitioners Community Safety and Crime Prevention was delivered this week to Community Safety Officers and Town Wardens in Barnsley.
Appreciating the demands of work and home life Barnsley Council were offered the option for their staff to  complete the qualification at planned intervals during the course.
The candidates work was assessed daily and then feedback was provided to reassure the students they were on the right track and preventing unnecessary rework. This was particularly helpful to candidates who had not taken a formal qualification for some time.
Thanks to the hard work of the Barnsley officers the final day resulted in an unprecedented 100% portfolio  completion rate with the candidates either having no more work to complete or minor amendments.
It has been a pleasure working with the Barnsley Council staff who all demonstrated they were passionate, enthusiastic and dedicated to their roles. Throughout the training they aligned their local communities issues with both the theory and practical elements of the course.
We look forward to working with Barnsley Council again in the future.


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