Despite all the issues with the COVID19 and the extra demands this places on policing, Kent Community Support Officers have been emailing their completed portfolios in the ProQual Level 3 Award in Introduction to Crime Prevention to the KABSECTRAINING mailbox.

KABSECTRAINING has provided creative options to support all of the candidates through their learner journey. After the 3 day classroom phase delivered by our training staff, we do not then ‘abandon’ the candidate to complete the qualification by themselves. Crime Prevention is our business and passion, our goal is for all the candidates to pass. When required, the experienced assessors, who are allocated to each candidate, provide one to one coaching over the telephone or in emails. They suggest ideas how to meet the criteria, answer the candidates questions and provide additional learning materials such as handbooks and qualifications guides. This ensures the student knows exactly what is required to complete the qualification and is guided through the process.

We appreciate that all our candidates are individuals with different skills, backgrounds, life experience and qualifications. We understand the fears of the candidate who hasn’t taken a formal qualification since leaving school. Understanding the complex wording of qualification criteria is a skill in itself and KABSECTRAINING will not allow any of this to become a barrier to learning. If the candidate has the desire to achieve and is prepared to put the work in, then we will make every effort to support them.
Congratulations to Kent Constabulary on a successful course.

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