We were recently asked by our “Web Designer” where our review of 2021 was?!🤔 Let’s be honest about this we had not done a review, as we had been on with planning and arranging delivery of our courses for 2022! But now as we look back it creates a great feeling of professional pride knowing that we have delivered courses to a range of people and services across the UK. Yes, we have run courses in some iconic and historical locations, but it is the people and the characters that we remember the most. From well-seasoned police officers & fire officers through to “fresh out of the wrapper” council wardens and experienced university security staff, all have enhanced their knowledge and skills through participation in our courses. We look forward to continuing to work with: Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, South Yorkshire Police, City of London Police, Nottinghamshire Police and Kent Police. Our roadmap for 2022? Well, you’ll just have to follow us to see where we are going!

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