The Level 4 Certificate in Crime Prevention is well underway with the Royal Military Police at Catterick Garrison.

This week they have discovered how crime occurs and practiced problem solving tools and techniques. Today they had specialist input from a variety of security product providers. Forensic property marking from SelectaDNA to keep their kit and valuables safe from theft.

Perimeter protection from CLD Fencing Systems Ltd so they can identify types of fencing on their own sites and others they may have to survey.

Information on different locks and their standards from Helplocks so they can upgrade their own personal home security and also advise others.

A great demonstration of security fog from DensityUK which caused a stir when the training wing looked as if it was on fire. Safer to demonstrate outside though despite the wind and rain.

The learners will end the week doing a practical site security survey in small groups, followed by presenting their findings and compiling a security report.

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