KABSEC Training returns this week to Nottinghamshire Police to deliver the next modules of the Level 5 Diploma in Crime Prevention – Designing Out Crime.

This time we are located in the busy market town of Mansfield, 12 miles north of the City of Nottinghamshire.

The modules this week will be centred around the design and planning of new buildings from new homes and leisure facilities to new schools and hospitals.

The delegates will review current national design strategies and use real time localplanning applications to embed the learning.

Designing Out Crime is a proven approach to reduce crime and the fear of crime at the design and planning stage for new developments and refurbishments.

The training is suitable for a range of occupations who may deal with all aspects of the built environment.

Check out more information on our website Crime Prevention – Designing Out Crime – ProQual Level 5 Diploma – KABSEC Training

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