Today KABSEC Training is pleased to be enroute to Nottinghamshire Police Headquarters to deliver the Level 5 Diploma in Crime Prevention – Designing Out Crime.

Their Headquarters is a shared site with Nottinghamshire Fire & Rescue to enable greater collaboration between the two organisations, share resources, and increase effectiveness.

Working together to address crime issues is at the core of the Level 5 Diploma.

The diploma covers:

how to identify features in the built environment that may provide opportunities for crime and disorder and increase the fear of crime
the application of the international technique Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED)
how all partners can work effectively to apply the principles of designing outcrime to the design, development and planning of the existing and future builtenvironment

Check out more information on our website Crime Prevention – Designing Out Crime – ProQual Level 5 Diploma – KABSEC Training

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