There are many different organisations who can benefit from the crime prevention qualifications we provide. The team in Ashfield Borough Council responsible for co-ordinating the sanctuary scheme for survivors of domestic abuse have been completing the Level 3 Award in Introduction to Crime Prevention.

This is being achieved through a blended learning approach of online tutoring, workbooks for critical learning points and face to face practical training on some of the homes they will be working with. This will give them the knowledge to provide professionally installed security measures to the house of the person suffering domestic violence.

The Sanctuary Scheme allows victims to remain in the familiar environment of their home whilst they are experiencing the problems that arise as a result of domestic violence.

Domestic abuse is behaviour that is intended to dominate, threaten, coerce and control someone else in an intimate or other family relationship. Therefore it was important to design the workbooks around the candidates roles,having first been discussed and agreed with them.The practical training allows the learners to practice the knowledge and skills they have learnt on a real life work situation. The learning throughout is supported by subject matter experts, enabling the students to ask questions, explore options and potential solutions, in a safe learning environment.

The core learning required to achieve the qualification is delivered, as well as additional sessions, which ensure the learner can assimilate the learning and apply it to their individual role.


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