Train the trainer – Problem Solving

We were delighted to have the opportunity to work with Nottinghamshire Police and teach them a combination of skills on the Train the Trainer – Problem Solving course.

The delegates are part of the team responsible for training others in the problem solving process within their force. so they were keen to know how this essential learning should be delivered. They did this by understanding the theory of how adults learn, the tools and techniques in problem solving, which resources to use for maximum impact and how ensure that the learning has been absorbed.

There were opportunities to practice their skills and their micro teach sessions were both innovative and informative. Providing a safe learning environment is essential to consolidate the skills learnt and a chance to improve through constructive feedback from the trainers.

As with all learning opportunities we learnt as much from each other as from the formal input. A great course and a pleasure to work with such willing learners. We certainly didn’t have to twist their arms to participate!

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