KABSEC Training travelled to The Royal Military Police (RMP) at the Ministry of Defence, Donnington in Telford this week. The RMP have embarked on an important journey with the commencement of the two week course delivering the Level 4 Certificate in Crime Prevention for Practitioners. The students are from Units RMP1 & RMP3 and the class is made up of a variety of ranks including Corporal, Lance Corporal and Sergeant who are stationed at army bases across the UK and abroad, all are, or will soon be working in,the role of Local Intelligence Officers.

The RMP has a focus on victim led solutions, uses evidenced based policing so the prevention agenda is a key tool which willenhance the RMP’s capabilities in combatting crime and ensuring the safety of military personnel and assets.

The initial week of training delivery has been met with enthusiasm from participants. Covering fundamental aspects of crime prevention, the curriculum delves into topics such as risk assessment, security management, and intelligence gathering. Through engaging lectures and practical exercises, officers are not only gaining theoretical knowledge but are also developing the skills necessary to effectively implement crime prevention strategies in their roles.

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