In the ever-evolving landscape of community safety, proactive measures play a pivotal role in preventing crime and fostering a secure environment. Recognising this, the Crawley Council has taken a commendable step forward by investing in crime prevention training for its staff and local Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs). This initiative reflects a commitment to enhancing the safety and well-being of the community by equipping key personnel with the knowledge and skills necessary to address and prevent various forms of anti-social behaviour and criminal activities.

Crawley, like many other communities, faces its share of challenges related to crime. The decision by Crawley Council to invest in crime prevention training for its staff and, in partnership with Sussex Police, PCSOs exemplifies a forward-thinking approach to community safety.

The crime prevention training was delivered to council staff such as ASB Officers, Patch Managers, Health & Safety Managers and local Neighbourhood Policing team members in a collaborative and proactive approach to community safety.

As the training programme is embedded in local practice, and the participants apply their newfound knowledge, the community can look forward to a more secure and resilient future.

This initiative serves as a model for other local authorities seeking to proactively address crime and build stronger, safer communities.

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