The City of London Police continue to invest in their staff with Problem Solving training being delivered this week by KABSEC Training to broad range of staff roles including an Intelligence Analyst, PCSO and Police officers.

Problem-solving is a tool used within policing and is an approach that focuses on identifying and addressing the root causes of crime and disorder. The SARA model is a four-step process that can be used by practitioners to guide problem-solving efforts:

  1. Scanning – Identify the problem. This involves gathering information about the problem, such as its location, frequency, and severity.
  2. Analysis – Understand the problem. This involves identifying the causes of the problem and the factors that contribute to its persistence.
  3. Response – Develop and implement a solution to the problem. This may involve changing laws, policies, or procedures, or it may involve working with other agencies or community members to address the problem.
  4. Assessment – Evaluate the effectiveness of the response. This involves collecting data to determine whether the problem has been reduced or eliminated.

Problem-solving using the SARA model has many facets and can be used by many organisations other than policing. First, it helps organisations to think more strategically by understanding the root causes of a problem, more effective solutions can be developed. Second, problem-solving training can help to build relationships with partner agencies by working together and organisations and community members can identify and address problems that affect them both.

If you are interested in learning more about problem-solving, not just for policing, but in other occupations, please contact KABSEC Training.

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